Amana AGR5835QDW Range User Manual

Sabbath Mode Notes:
Sabbath Mode can be turned on at any time with or
without the oven on.
Sabbath Mode cannot be turned on if the touchpads are
locked out or when the door is locked.
Most prompts and messages and all beeps are
deactivated when Sabbath Mode is active.
If the oven is baking when Sabbath Mode is set, BAKE
will go out when bake is canceled. There will be no
audible beeps.
The oven light will not automatically come on when the
oven door is opened while the oven is in Sabbath Mode.
If the oven light is desired while in Sabbath Mode, it
must be turned on before the Sabbath Mode is started.
When the Sabbath Mode is started, the temperature
display will immediately show the set temperature, rather
than the actual oven cavity temperature. No preheat
beep will sound.
The self-clean cycle and automatic door lock do not
operate during the Sabbath Mode.
Pressing Cancel pad will cancel a Bake cycle, however
the control will stay in the Sabbath Mode.
If power fails, the oven will power up in Sabbath Mode
with 72 hours remaining and no cycle active.
Automatic Shut-Off/Sabbath
The oven will automatically turn off after 12 hours if you
accidentally leave it on. This safety feature can be turned off.
To cancel the 12-hour shut-off and run the
oven continuously for 72 hours:
1. Press and hold the Clock pad for five
SAb will be displayed and flash for five seconds.
SAb will then be displayed continuously until turned
off or until the 72-hour time limit is reached.
BAKE will also be displayed if a bake cycle is in use
while the oven is in Sabbath Mode.
All other functions EXCEPT BAKE (Timer, Keep Warm,
Clean, etc.) are locked out during the Sabbath Mode.
A Cook & Hold can be programmed during the Sabbath
Mode, however a Delay Cook & Hold is not allowed.
To cancel the Sabbath Mode:
1. Press the CLOCK pad for five seconds.
SAb will flash for five seconds.
The time of day will return to the display.
2. After 72 hours, the Sabbath Mode will end.
SAb will flash for five seconds.
The time of day will return to the display.
Oven Cooking