Americana Appliances ADW1000 series Dishwasher User Manual

Problem Possible Causes What To Do
Dishwasher won’t run Fuse is blown, or the Replace fuse or reset circuit breaker. Remove any other appliances
circuit breaker tripped from the circuit.
Noise Some of the sounds Soft food disposal shredding action.
you’ll hear are normal
Drain valve opening to pump water out.
Timer control as cycle progresses.
Detergent cup opening.
The motor stopping during the drying period.
Utensils are not secure Make sure everything is secured in dishwasher.
in the rack or something
small has dropped into
the rack
Motor hums Dishwasher has not been used on a regular basis. If you do not use
your dishwasher often, set it to fill and pump out once every week.
This will help keep the seal moist and the garbage disposer clear.
Water standing in This is normal A small amount of clean water around the outlet on the tub bottom
the bottom of the tub at the back of the tub keeps the water seal lubricated.
Water won’t pump Drain is clogged If you have an air gap, clean it.
out of the tub Check to see if your kitchen sink is draining well. If not, you may need
a plumber.
If the dishwasher drains into a disposer, run disposer clear.
Suds in the tub Correct detergent Use only automatic dishwasher detergents to avoid sudsing.
wasn’t used Cascade
, Cascade
Complete and Electrasol
Automatic Dishwashing
Detergents have been approved for use.
To remove suds from the tub, open the dishwasher and let suds
evaporate. Add 1 gallon of cold water to the tub. Close and latch the
dishwasher. Pump out water by pressing the START/RESET pad; then
immediately press the START/RESET pad again. Repeat if necessary.
Rinse agent Always wipe up rinse agent spills immediately.
was spilled
Stained tub interior Detergent with Some detergents contain colorant (pigment or dyes) that will discolor
colorant was used the tub interior with extended use. Check the detergent cup for signs
of any discoloration. If cup is discolored, change to detergent without
any colorant. Cascade
, Cascade
Complete and Electrasol
Dishwashing Detergents have been approved for use.
Some tomato-based Use of the RINSE ONLY cycle (on some models) after
adding the dish
foods can stain
to the load
can decrease the level of staining.
Dishes don’t dry Low inlet water Make sure inlet water temperature is correct.
Rinse agent dispenser Check the rinse agent dispenser.
is empty
Dishes and flatware Inlet water temperature Raise the water heater temperature to 120°F.
not clean is below 120°F Use the HOT PREWASH feature.
Water pressure is Turn on a faucet. Is water coming out more slowly than usual?
temporarily low If so, wait until pressure is normal before using your dishwasher.
Air gap is clogged Clean the air gap.
Improper rack loading Make sure large dishware does not block the detergent dispenser or
the wash arm.
Troubleshooting Tips
Save time and money! Review the charts on the following pages.
You may not need to call for service.
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