Beko DIS 5831 Dishwasher User Manual

Technical Specifications
Permitted water pressure: 0,3 –10 bar
(= 3 – 100 N/cm² = 0,01-1,0Mpa)
Electrical connection: 220-240 Volts,
10 Amps (see type plate)
Energy efficiency class “A”
Electrical Safety class-1
Output: 1900-2200 W
Heat output: 1800 W
This device corresponds to
the following EU directives:
2006/95/EC: Low Voltage
2004/108/EC: EMV Directive
DIN EN 50242: Electrical dishwasher
for home use Testing procedures for
practical service conditions
Because we continually strive to
improve our products, we may change
our specifications and designs without
prior notice.
Note for Testing Institutes
The necessary information for
performance testing will be provided
upon request. The request can be
done by e-mail through:
Please do not forget to write the model
code and stock code information of
the appliance besides your contact
information in the e-mail. The model
code and stock code information can
be found on the rating label, which is
placed on the side of the door.
Safety Instructions
Before Installation
Check the appliance for transit
damage. Never install or use damaged
machines. If in doubt, contact your
Before First Use
See Notes for Installation on page •
Have the grounding system •
installed by a qualified electrician.
The manufacturer cannot be held
liable for any damage caused by
operating the appliance without
proper grounding.
Before operating the system, •
please check that the information
on the type plate corresponds to
the information on your power
The dishwasher must be •
disconnected from the mains
during installation.
The appliance must not be •
connected to the mains using
an extension cable. Extension
cables do not provide the
necessary safety (e.g. danger of
Always use the original plug •
delivered with the appliance.
The plug must be freely accessible •
after the appliance has been
Child Safety
Do not allow children to play with •
the appliance.
Dishwasher detergents are caustic •
and may cause injury to the eyes,
mouth and throat. Please note the
safety instructions provided by the
manufacturers of the detergents.
Never leave children unsupervised •