Electrolux EOD43103 Double Oven User Manual

Always support the grill pan when it is in
the withdrawn or partially withdrawn posi-
Always use oven gloves to remove and
place food in the oven.
During use the appliance becomes hot.
Care should be taken to avoid touching the
heating elements inside the oven.
Ensure that all vents are not obstructed to
ensure ventilation of the oven cavity.
Never line any part of the appliance with
Always stand back from the appliance
when opening the oven door to allow any
build up of steam or heat to release.
Stand clear when opening the drop down
doors. Support the doors using the han-
dles until fully open.
Do not place sealed cans or aerosols in-
side the oven. They may explode if they are
Ensure that all control knobs are in the OFF
position when not in use.
Do not stand on the appliance or on the
open oven doors.
Do not hang towels, dishcloths or clothes
from the appliance or its handles.
Do not use this appliance if it is in contact
with water. Never operate it with wet
Cleaning and maintenance
Warning! For hygiene and safety
reasons this appliance should be kept
clean at all times. A build-up of fat or
other foodstuff could result in a fire
especially in the grill pan.
Do not leave cookware containing food-
stuffs, e.g. fat or oil in the appliance in case
it is inadvertently switched on.
Always allow the appliance to cool before
switching off at the wall prior to carrying
out any cleaning/maintenance work.
Only clean this appliance in accordance
with the instructions given in this book.
Never use steam or high pressure steam
cleaners to clean the appliance.
Product description
General overview 1 Control panel
2 Top oven handle
3 Top oven
4 Main oven handle
5 Main oven
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