GE JGP320 Cooktop User Manual

Care and cleaning of the cooktop.
The holes in the burners must be kept clean at all times for proper ignition and an even, unhampered flame.
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Cooktop Burners
You should clean the burners routinely,
especially after bad spillovers which could
clog these holes. Burners lift out for
cleaning if the shipping screw was
removed at installation.
To remove burners:
Grasp burner head and tilt it to
the right to release the two tabs
from slots in the burner support
(A and B).
Lift the end of the burner assembly,
then pull away from the front of the
range to free the air shutter from the
gas valve orifice.
To remove burned-on food, soak the
burners in a solution of mild liquid
detergent and water. Soak the burner
for 20 to 30 minutes. If the food
doesn’t rinse off completely, scrub
them with soap and water and a
brush or plastic pad.
Do not use steel wool or abrasive
cleansers because they will clog the
burner openings and scratch the
If the holes become clogged, clean
them with a small safety pin or a small
sewing needle.
Do not attempt to clean burners in an
automatic dishwasher. Loosened food
soil can clog burner holes, and the
strong action of the dishwasher
detergent can damage the burner
Before putting the burners back, shake
out excess water and dry them
thoroughly by setting them in a warm
oven for 30 minutes.
To replace burners:
Slip the air shutter over the gas
valve orifice.
Lower the burner assembly and
hook the tabs in the slots in the
burner support.
Be sure both tabs are in their slots,
that the burner sits level and straight,
and that the flash tube forms a
straight line from the igniter to
the burner.
Shipping screws
Remove shipping screw
Air shutter
Gas valve
A screw holds each of the burners in
place to keep them from wobbling
around during shipment. Remove
and discard the shipping screw.