Hotpoint FDW80 Dishwasher User Manual

Rinse aid.
Rinse aid makes dishes sparkle
more as it improves their drying. The
rinse aid container is situated on the
inside of the door.
You should fill the rinse aid container
when indicator D lights up on the
container (see right) and the rinse
aid indicator light "U" on the control
panel flashes.
Adding rinse aid.
To open the dispenser, turn cap C
anticlockwise. Take care when you
pour in the rinse aid to avoid it
The detergent
Each time you load the dishwasher,
add detergergent. Pour dishwasher
detergent into thedispenser on the
inside of the door.
Adding detergent
To open lid A, press button B.
The detergent should be put into the
two containers C and D.
If using a tablet, put it in container
Now you can close the lid: press it
down until you hear it click.
If it won't close
Check whether there is any
detergent residue on the edges of
the dispenser. Remove the excess.
You can regulate the amount of rinse aid used by the dishwasher,
move the adjuster F which you will find under lid C.
You can choose from six different positions. It is normally set to 4.
Before Using your Dishwasher
- The amount of rinse aid
needs to be increased if the
dishes appear dull or you can
see circular stains.
- The amount of rinse aid
needs to be reduced if the
dishes are sticky or you can
see white streaks.
We recommend Glist 3 in 1 for use in all Hotpoint dishwashers...
Brilliant cleaning is guaranteed with Glist 3 in 1.
Hotpoint only recommends Glist 3 in 1 Dishwasher tablets to give outstanding cleaning and
It is important to use detergent specially designed for domestic dishwashers. (Always follow the
manufacturers instructions.)
Glist 3 in 1 advanced dishwasher tablets with active enzymes are the ideal way to protect and care for
your dishwasher, while getting your dishes and glasses sparking clean.
Softer Water:
Built in salt action softens water, helping to prevent the build up of limescale in the dishwasher and
improve the cleaning result*.
Cleaner Dishes:
With unique active enzymes in the cleaning phase Glist 3 in 1 breaks down even the hard to shift
foodstuffs and grease, leaving the dishes spotless and the dishwasher clean too.
Sparkling Results:
The built-in Glist rinse agent ensures the dishes and glasses are free from water marks and smears.
If you have any questions regarding Glist 3 in 1, please contact the hotline on 0800 216 730.
*If you live in an area particularly
prone to very hard water ( 35
Glist and Hotpoint recommend
that you continue to keep your
dishwasher salt topped up.
Use the right amount of detergent
(see programme chart).
Store your detergent and rinse aid
in a cool, dry place, safely away from
25 gr
5 gr.