Samsung SNH-1010N Appliance Trim Kit User Manual

With SmartCam app, you can monitor what matters to you
directly from your smart phone.
Download the application from the Play Store and install it on
your smart phone.
Search keywords for the application: “Samsung SmartCam”,
Hardware / Operating System Requirements
OS - Android 2.3/4.0
CPU - 1Ghz or higher
- 128MB or more (recommended),
RAM : 50MB (Minimum)
- WiFi or 3G/LTE wireless
communicationenabled smart phone
Video Codec - H.264
Recommended Smart Phones - Galaxy S2, S3
Recommended Tablet PC - Galaxy Note 10.1
1. Run the downloaded application.
2. Touch <Sign up here>.
3. Enter requested information.
4. Check “Agree to the terms and
conditions”, and tap <Register>.
ID : Your ID, use alphanumeric
characters and “.” (full stop) and
allows 8-14 characters.
User ID check : Tap on
<Check> to verify the user ID.
PW : Password does not
allow ‘-’ and ‘,’. Use 8-14
alphanumeric characters.
1. Smart phone requirements
2. Subscription
For Android Phone
Confirm Password : Checks whether your password is
entered correctly.
Name : Enter your name.
E-mail : This e-mail is used to recover your subscription if
you forgot your password.
Country : Enter your country of use.
Register : Requests registration of your information.
` For further details, please refer to the user’s manual.
1. Enter your ID and password
created during the subscription
on the www.samsungsmartcam.
com or on the smartphone
Remember me :
Saves your account information
for later use.
Auto Login : If checked, logs
in automatically from the next
application running.
2. Touch <Login>.
` If you forgot your ID or password, use Find ID/Password below the
<Login> tab.
3. Logging In