Sharp CD2200M Microwave Oven User Manual

Because your Sharp Commercial Microwave Oven will be used frequently, place it so that there is easy safe access
for all users.
1. Be sure all electrical requirements are met. See page EN-5.
2. Remove all packing materials from the oven cavity. Check the unit for any damage, such as a misaligned door,
damaged door seals around the door or dents inside the oven cavity or on the door. If there is any damage, please
do not operate the oven until it has been checked by a SERVICE CENTER APPROVED BY SHARP and repaired, if
3. Install the unit where no excessive heat or steam is generated. Do not place next to an oven or cooking surface.
4. The unit can be secured to a countertop or stand. Any surface the unit is placed on must be level.
Two units can be installed together by placing one on top of the other. Follow these instructions:
A. Place oven A in the desired location. Position Oven B on top of Oven A as shown in the fi gure.
B. Remove Screws (a) and Mounting plate A and B from the right side of the back of Oven A and B.
C. Replace Screws (a) removed at step B and tighten them.
D. Remove Screws (b), (c), (d), and (e) and then install Mounting Plate A and B which were
removed at step B to the each lower edge of Oven B as shown in the fi gure.
E. Replace Screws (b), (c), (d), and (e) which were removed at step D and tighten them.
6. Following models can be stacked. Power source voltage must be the same.
1) Combination of R-CD1200M and R-CD1200M
2) Combination of R-CD1800M and R-CD1800M
3) Combination of R-CD1800M and R-CD2200M
4) Combination of R-CD2200M and R-CD2200M
When two ovens are installed together by placing one on top of another:
1. Always use two mounting plates.
2. Make sure that the power supply cords are not caught between the ovens.
3. Do not install more than one oven on top of another.
Screw (e)
Screw (d)
Oven B (Back)
Oven A (Back)
Screw (c)
Screw (b)
Mounting plate B
Screw (a)
Screw (b)
Screw (a)
Screw (c)
Screw (e)
Screw (d)
Mounting plate A