West Bend L5141 Bread Maker User Manual

The basic/specialty bread setting can be used for almost any bread recipe containing at least 50% bread flour. If a recipe
contains less than 50% bread flour, then use the whole wheat setting as this setting features a longer knead cycle which is
beneficial for whole grain flour, such as whole wheat.
The dough setting is used when you wish to make dough for hand shaping and baking in your own oven, such as dinner
One-Hour Bread Express™ can be used to make a loaf of bread in just one hour. For best results, hotter liquid, fast rise or
bread machine yeast as well as slightly less salt must be used. See guidelines in One-Hour Bread Express section.
When using the basic/specialty, whole wheat, dough and one –hour settings, an audible alert will sound during the knead
cycle as a reminder to add ingredients, such as nuts, raisins, etc., if recommended in recipe. If not adding extra ingredients,
ignore this alert or use it as a checkpoint to check the condition of the dough for any minor adjustment that may be
necessary. See “SPECIAL NOTES ON FLOUR”.
CRUST COLOR BUTTON: The crust color button lets you choose three (3) different crust colors for breads made
at the basic/specialty and whole-wheat settings. With each press of the crust color button, the indicator arrow will point to
light, medium or dark on the control panel. Simply select the desired crust color you wish for the bread recipe being
prepared. The crust color button does not apply to the dough or one-hour settings.
TIME DELAY BUTTONS: The time delay buttons let you program the bread maker to start at a later time, which is
especially convenient if you wish to wake up to a fresh loaf of bread in the morning or come home to a fresh loaf for
dinner. The time delay can be programmed to delay the start of the bread maker for up to 13 hours at all settings EXCEPT
one-hour. When using the time delay feature, no perishable ingredients should be used, such as milk, eggs, cheese, yogurt,
etc. as these foods can spoil when held at room temperature for several hours. To use time delay, simply prepare the recipe
you wish to make, place the bread pan into bread maker, program the bread select and crust color, then enter the number
of hours and minutes from when you start the bread maker to when you want the bread done. The (up)
time delay
button will scroll up in 10-minute increments, whereas the (down)
time delay button will scroll down in 10-minute
increments. See “HOW TO USE TIME DELAY” section for more details on using this feature. The recipes with the
Symbol can be used in the time delay mode.
START/STOP BUTTON: Use the start/stop button to turn bread maker on and off. Before starting the machine,
you must first program the bread select and crust color, plus the time delay if being used. Press start/stop button once to
turn machine on. When on, red signal light by button will glow and remain lit until bread maker is turned off. To turn off,
press and hold start/stop button down for about four (4) seconds or until light goes out.
When the machine is on, the colon between hours and minutes will flash and minutes will begin to count down so you
always know how much time remains until bread is done.
When process time elapses, 0:00 will appear in display and audible alert will sound to let you know bread is done. Turn off
by holding start/stop button down until red light goes out. Remove bread pan using oven mitts and shake loaf out of pan
onto cooling rack. Cool before slicing.
If pan is not removed immediately after baking, machine will automatically go into keep warm period, machine will
automatically turn itself off and on light will go out.
If using dough setting, machine will automatically turn off upon completion of cycle, red light will go out, alert will sound
and display will reset to dough setting. Remove dough and finish as recommended in recipe being prepared. Do not leave
pan containing dough inside machine after completion of cycle as dough will continue to rise and could overflow the pan.
See Dough section for more details.
TOO HOT/TOO COLD WARNING: If inside of oven chamber is too hot or too cold for bread making, the word
‘hot’ or ‘col’ will appear in display along with alert sounding to let you know that the machine can not be turned on. You
will need to remove pan from machine and allow chamber to cool down or warm up accordingly.
Typically ‘hot’ will appear in display when you make consecutive loaves and forget to turn machine off between loaves.
Allow chamber to cool down with cover open 10 to 15 minutes or until machine can be turned on without warning going