Black & Decker EF2550 Fryer User Manual

Frying guide
This frying time given in this chart is only a
guide and should be adjusted according to the
quantity fried.
Practical advice
Oils and fats
Always use oil that can withstand high
Do not mix different types of oil or fat.
Change the oil or fat when it becomes brown
after cooking.
Preparing the food
Whatever the recipe used, the food must be
perfectly dry: this will avoid overflowing and
make the oil or fat last longer.
When preparing potato-based food (chips,
crisps, etc.), cut them up and then wash
them in cold water to remove the starch. Dry
them carefully. This will stop them sticking
Do not overfill the basket. This will cause the
oil temperature dropping and make the food
Do not keep the oil at high temperature for
long periods. This will make it lose its
Set the temperature controller to the lowest
temperature while waiting between two
Do not leave the cooked food in the basket in
the draining position too long. The vapors
could cause the food to lose its crispness
and go soft.
Frozen food can be cooked in the basket
without being defrosted.
After cooking
Change the fat or oil regularly, after
approximately 20 batches.
Your Black & Decker tool has been designed to
operate over a long period of time with a
minimum of maintenance. Continuous
satisfactory operation depends upon proper care
and regular cleaning.
Warning! Before performing any maintenance
or cleaning of the Fryer, disconnect the
appliance from the power supply.
Emptying the Fryer
When the Fryer is cool, pour the old oil from the
coking bowl (9) into a suitable container. Always
follow local regulations concerning the disposal
of used cooking oil.
The main housing should be cleaned with a
clean damp cloth only.
Food Oil Temp Max. Approx.
(ºC) Weight Frying
(Grams) Time
Shrimp 130 250 3 – 5
Onion 140 150 3 – 4
Mushrooms 140 300 6 – 8
Fish Fillet 150 250 5 – 6
Fish Fillet in 150 400 6 – 8
Fish Cakes 150 400 7 – 10
or Balls
Sliced Meat 170 400 7 – 10
Steak 170 400 7 – 10
Chicken 180 400 6 – 10
French 190 500 9 – 12