Emerson MW8115SS Microwave Oven User Manual

1. Press the MEMORY button repeatedly to select
1-5 memory.
2. Press the POWER button; the Microwave and High
Cook indicators will light and “PL10” will light in the
3. Press the POWER button different times to set the
desired power; the display will show the percentage
you chose. If selecting power 70-10, the Low Cook
indicator will light instead of the High Cook indicator.
4. Press number keys to set the desired cooking time.
5. Press the MEMORY button to write your settings
into the chip. Or press the START/+30SEC. button
to start cooking this will also write your settings into
the chip. The Microwave and one of the Cook
indicators will blink and the display will countdown
the remaining cooking time in minutes and
seconds. It will beep five times when cooking is
completed. Remember above settings for
future use.
6. Press the MEMORY button repeatedly to choose the
memory setting in order to cook the desired item.
Memory lets you cook items in your own special style. Totally 5 memory settings are
availavle in this model. Set a memory setting as follows: