Emerson MW8115SS Microwave Oven User Manual

To prolong the magnetron’s life, the power will be switched to mid-low when cooking at
high power for more than 30 minutes.
One beep will sound when pressing the buttons.
Five beeps will sound when the cooking/defrosting ends.
If the door is opened during oven operation, close the door and press the START/+30SEC.
button to continue the cooking.
If a cooking program has been set, but the START/+30SEC. button (or any other button)
is not pressed within a minute, the display will revert back to the time.
Press the POWER button during cooking; the display
will show current power level for 3 seconds.
Press AM/PM button during standby, the display
will show AM or PM for 3 seconds. (Time must be
set before this operation.)
Press CLOCK button during cooking, the display
will show the present time for 3 seconds, and AM
or PM for 3 seconds.