Fisher & Paykel E372B Refrigerator User Manual

Cleaning and caring for your refrigerator
To remove trays or fixed bins
For ease of removal, empty food from tray/bin first.
Hold the centre front of the tray/bin handle.
Lift vertically to unclip from the runners and pull
tray/bin towards you to remove.
Push both runners back into refrigerator.
To replace trays or fixed bins:
With the runners pushed back into the refrigerator, place the tray/bin on top of the runners. Push
the tray/bin back slowly until you feel it clip back onto the runners.
Ensure that trays and bins are securely clipped onto the runners before use.
Bin and tray runners are pre-lubricated, and will not need to be re-lubricated during their life. Do
not attempt to clean grease from the runners, as this will affect their ability to function. Do not
immerse runners in water.
Permanently fixed bins and trays (Freezer drawer models only)
The freezer bins and trays in this model are permanently fixed. They cannot be removed from the
freezer compartment. To clean simply wipe with a soft, damp cloth.
On vacation/holiday
Turn the ice maker to OFF on the internal control panel (refer to page 31).
Shut off the water supply to the refrigerator.
On your return, turn on the water supply to the refrigerator.
Dispense 10 litres (10 qt) of water and discard to ensure the water tank is refilled with fresh water.
Turn on the ice maker (refer to page 31).
Discard the first 3 harvests of ice (8 ice cubes are produced per harvest).
Fig.32 Tray removal