GE AEM25* Cooktop User Manual

Vent Control
The vent control is located above the control
When set at CLOSE, only the air inside the room
will be circulated and conditioned. When set at
OPEN, some outside air is let into the room.
To open the vent, push the lever to the right.
To close it, push it to the left.
Air Direction—Up and Down
Fingertip pressure on the horizontal louvers
adjusts the air direction up or down.
Control Panel Door
Press to open and close the door.
NOTE: The remote control (on some models) will
work with the control panel door open or closed.
Additional controls.
Normal operating sounds.
You may hear a pinging noise caused by
water being picked up and thrown against the
condenser on rainy days or when the humidity
is high. This design feature helps remove
moisture and improve efficiency.
You may hear the thermostat click when the
compressor cycles on and off.
Water will collect in the base pan during
high humidity or on rainy days. The water may
overflow and drip from the outdoor side of
the unit.
The fan may run even when the compressor
does not.
Consumer SupportTroubleshooting Tips
Care and Cleaning
Safety Instructions