GE AHR30 Cooktop User Manual

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There are 2 ways to remove collected water:
Use the bucket. When the bucket is removed,
the unit will shut off. Empty and replace
the bucket.
IMPORTANT: Do not use the hose if using
the bucket to collect water. When the hose
is connected, water will flow through it onto
the floor instead of into the bucket.
Do not remove the bucket while the
dehumidifier is operating or if it has just
stopped operating. This might cause some
water to drip from the drain pan.
The bucket must be in place and securely
seated for the dehumidifier to operate.
Use a hose. Water can be automatically
emptied into a floor drain by attaching
a garden water hose (not included).
1. Remove the bucket from the front of
the unit.
2. Open the drain cover on the side of
the unit.
3. Thread a garden hose (not supplied)
onto the nozzle, cut to length, and lead it
to the floor drain.
4. Replace the bucket in the unit.
NOTE: The bucket must be in place and securely
seated for the dehumidifier to operate.
Always make sure the water bucket is locked into place on the dehumidifier.
Water Level
The dehumidifier will turn off automatically
when the bucket is full, or when the bucket is
removed or not replaced in the proper position.
The bucket must be replaced in the proper position
for the dehumidifier to work. The light will be on
and the dehumidifier will not run if the bucket is not
in the proper position.
Using the dehumidifier.
Removing Collected Water
NOTE: Support bucket with
both hands when emptying.
Side of unit