GE AHR30 Cooktop User Manual

Troubleshooting tips…
Save time and money! Review the chart below first and you may not need to call for service.
Problem Possible Causes What To Do
Dehumidifier The dehumidifier Make sure the dehumidifier’s plug is pushed completely
does not start is unplugged. into the outlet.
The fuse is blown/circuit Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box and replace
breaker is tripped. the fuse or reset the breaker.
Dehumidifier has reached its The dehumidifier automatically turns off when either
preset level or bucket is full. condition occurs. Change to a lower setting or empty
the bucket and replace properly.
Bucket is not in the The bucket must be in place and securely seated for the
proper position. dehumidifier to operate.
Power failure. There is a protective time delay (up to 3 minutes) to
prevent tripping of the compressor overload. For this
reason, the unit may not start normal dehumidifying
for 3 minutes after it is turned back on.
Dehumidifier does not Did not allow enough time When first installed, allow at least 24 hours to maintain
dry the air as it should to remove the moisture. the desired dryness.
Airflow is restricted. Make sure there are no curtains, blinds or furniture
blocking the front or back of the dehumidifier. See the
Choosing a Location section.
Dirty filter. See the Care and Cleaning section.
The Humidity Control may For drier air, press the pad and set to a lower percent
not be set low enough. value (%) or at CO (continuous) for maximum
Doors and windows may not Check that all doors, windows and other openings
be closed tightly. are securely closed.
Clothes dryer may be Install the dehumidifier away from the dryer.
blowing moisture-laden The dryer should be vented to the outside.
air into the room.
Room temperature Moisture removal is best at higher room temperatures.
is too low. Lower room temperatures will reduce the moisture
removal rate. Models are designed to be operated at
temperatures above 41°F (5°C).
Dehumidifier runs Area to be dehumidified The capacity of your dehumidifier may not be adequate.
too much is too large.
Doors and windows are open. Close all doors and windows to the outside.
Frost appears on Dehumidifier has been turned This is normal. Frost will usually disappear
the coils on recently, or room temperature within 60 minutes. See the Automatic Defrost section.
is below 41°F (5°C).
Controls cannot be set The compressor will turn off This is normal. Wait approximately 3 minutes and set the
and the fan will automatically fan as desired.
continue to run for
approximately 3 minutes at a
fixed setting.
Fan noise Air is moving through This is normal.
the dehumidifier.
Water on floor Hose connection may be loose. Check the hose connection. See the Removing Collected
Water section.
Intended to use the bucket to Disconnect the hose if using the bucket to collect water.
collect water, but a hose See the Removing Collected Water section.
is attached.
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