GE AHR30 Cooktop User Manual

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Operating Instructions
Safety Instructions
Care and Cleaning
Care and cleaning of the dehumidifier.
Turn off the dehumidifier and remove the plug from the wall outlet before cleaning.
Grille and Case
To clean the case:
Use water and a mild detergent. Do not use
bleach or abrasives.
To clean the front grille:
Use a vacuum attachment or brush.
Water Bucket
To clean:
Every few weeks, clean the bucket to prevent
growth of mold, mildew and bacteria. Partially fill
the bucket with clean water and add a little mild
detergent. Swish it around in the bucket, empty
and rinse.
NOTE: Do not use a dishwasher to clean the
water bucket.
To remove:
Remove the bucket and pour out any water.
To replace:
Slide the bucket into the dehumidifier.
NOTE: The bucket must be in place and securely seated
for the dehumidifier to operate.
Air Filter
The air filter behind the front grille should
be checked and cleaned at least every 250 hours
of operation or more often if necessary.
After 250 hours of operation, the Clean the Filter
indicator light will glow to remind you to clean the
filter. Remove the filter and clean it. Replace the
filter and press the Filter Timer pad to turn off the
Clean the Filter light.
To remove:
Remove the bucket. Grasp the filter edge, and pull
it straight down and out.
To clean:
Clean the filter with warm, soapy water. Rinse
and let the filter dry before replacing it.
NOTE: DO NOT rinse or put the filter in an automatic
CAUTION: DO NOT operate the dehumidifier
without a filter because dirt and lint will clog it and reduce
NOTE: Avoid using a dishwasher to clean the filter.