GE JCP340 Cooktop User Manual

Throughout this manual, features and appearance may vary from your model.
How to Set
Push the knob in and turn in either
direction to the setting you want.
At both OFF and HI the control clicks
into position. You may hear slight
clicking sounds during cooking,
indicating the control is keeping the
power level you set.
The control must be pushed in to set
only from the OFF position. When the
control is in any position other than OFF,
it may be rotated without pushing it in.
The UNIT ON indicator light will glow
when any surface unit is on.
Be sure you turn the control knob to OFF
when you finish cooking.
Cooktop temperatures increase with the
number of surface units that are on. With
3 or 4 units turned on, surface
temperatures are high so be careful when
touching the cooktop.
A HOT SURFACE indicator light will glow
when any radiant element is turned on
and will remain on until the surface is
cooled to approximately 150°F.
It comes on when the unit is hot to the touch.
It stays on even after the unit is turned off.
It glows brightly until the unit is cooled to
approximately 150°F.
Never cook directly on the glass.
Always use cookware.
About the radiant surface units…
The radiant cooktop features heating
units beneath a smooth glass surface.
NOTE: A slight odor is normal when a new
cooktop is used for the first time. It is caused by
the heating of new parts and insulating materials
and will disappear in a short time.
The surface unit will cycle on and off to
maintain your selected control setting.
It is safe to place hot cookware from the
oven or surface on the glass cooktop
when the surface is cool.
Even after the surface units are turned
off, the glass cooktop retains enough
heat to continue cooking. To avoid
overcooking, remove pans from the
surface units when the food is cooked.
Avoid placing anything on the surface
unit until it has cooled completely.
Water stains (mineral deposits) are removable
using the cleaning cream or full strength white
Use of window cleaner may leave an
iridescent film on the cooktop. The cleaning
cream will remove this discoloration.
Don’t store heavy items above the cooktop. If
they drop onto the cooktop, they can cause
Do not use the surface as a cutting board.
Do not slide
cookware across
the cooktop
because it can
scratch the
the glass is
not scratchproof.
The right front surface unit has 2
cooking sizes to select from so you
can match the size of the unit to the
size of the cookware you are using.
Dual Surface Unit Knob (on some models)
To use the large (9-inch) surface unit,
turn the COIL SELECT knob clockwise to
. Push in and turn the control knob to
the desired setting. The unit will heat the
entire area contained by the larger circle.
To use the small (6-inch) surface
unit, turn the COIL SELECT knob
counterclockwise to . Push in and
turn the control knob to the desired
setting. The unit will only heat the area
inside the smaller circle.
Always place the pan in the center of
the surface unit you are cooking on.
Safety Instructions
Operating Instructions Care and Cleaning
Troubleshooting Tips Consumer Support
Using the surface units.