GE JCP340 Cooktop User Manual

Selecting types of cookware.
The following information will help you choose cookware which will give good performance on glass cooktops.
Stainless Steel:
heavyweight recommended
Good conductivity. Aluminum residues
sometimes appear as scratches on the
cooktop but can be removed if cleaned
immediately. Because of its low melting
point, thin weight aluminum should not
be used.
Copper Bottom:
Copper may leave residues which can
appear as scratches. The residues can be
removed, as long as the cooktop is
cleaned immediately. However, do not let
these pots boil dry. Overheated metal can
bond to glass cooktops. An overheated
copper bottom pot will leave a residue
that will permanently stain the cooktop if
not removed immediately.
Porcelain Enamel-Covered Cast Iron:
As long as the cookware is covered
completely with porcelain enamel, this
cookware is recommended. Caution is
recommended for cast iron cookware
that is not completely covered with
smooth porcelain enamel, since it may
scratch the glass ceramic cooktop.
usable, but not recommended
Poor performance. May scratch the
usable, but not recommended
Poor performance. May scratch the
Check pans for flat bottoms by
using a straight edge.
Pans with rounded, curved, ridged
or warped bottoms are not
Safety Instructions
Operating Instructions
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For Best Results
Place only dry pans on the surface
units. Do not place lids on the
surface units, particularly wet lids.
Do not use woks that have support
rings. This type of wok will not heat
on glass surface units.
We recommend that you use only a
flat-bottomed wok. They are available
at your local retail store. The bottom
of the wok should have the same
diameter as the surface unit to
ensure proper contact.
Some special cooking procedures
require specific cookware such as
pressure cookers, deep fat fryers, etc.
All cookware must have flat bottoms
and be the correct size.
Do not place wet pans
on the glass cooktop.
Do not use woks with support
rings on the glass cooktop.
Use flat-bottomed woks
on the glass cooktop.