GE JCP340 Cooktop User Manual

Safety Instructions
Operating Instructions Care and Cleaning
Troubleshooting Tips Consumer Support
Temperature Limiter
Every radiant surface unit has a
temperature limiter.
The temperature limiter protects the
glass cooktop from getting too hot.
The temperature limiter may cycle the
units off for a time if:
The pan boils dry.
The pan bottom is not flat.
The pan is off-center.
There is no pan on the unit.
Note: Flat-bottomed canners are
required for glass cooktops.
Pots that extend beyond 1 inch
of the surface unit’s circle are not
recommended for most surface
cooking. However, when canning
with water-bath or pressure canner,
larger-diameter pots may be used. This
is because boiling water temperatures
(even under pressure) are not harmful
to the cooktop surfaces surrounding
the surface units.
OTHER THAN WATER. Most syrup or
sauce mixtures—and all types of
frying—cook at temperatures much
higher than boiling water. Such
temperatures could eventually harm
the glass cooktop surfaces.
Be sure the canner fits over the
center of the surface unit. If your
cooktop or its location does not
allow the canner to be centered
on the surface unit, use smaller
diameter pots for good canning
Flat-bottomed canners must be
used. Do not use canners with
flanged or rippled bottoms (often
found in enamelware) because
they don’t make enough contact
with the surface units and take a
long time to boil water.
When canning, use recipes and
procedures from reputable
sources. Reliable recipes and
procedures are available from the
manufacturer of your canner;
manufacturers of glass jars for
canning, such as Ball and Kerr
brand; and the United States
Department of Agriculture
Extension Service.
Remember that canning is a
process that generates large
amounts of steam. To avoid burns
from steam or heat, be careful
when canning.
NOTE: If your house has low voltage,
canning may take longer than expected,
even though directions have been
carefully followed. The process time will
be shortened by:
(1) using a pressure canner, and
( 2) starting with HOT tap water for fastest
heating of large quantities of water.
Safe canning requires that harmful
microorganisms are destroyed and that
the jars are sealed completely. When
canning foods in a water-bath canner,
a gentle but steady boil must be
maintained for the required time. When
canning foods in a pressure canner, the
pressure must be maintained for the
required time.
After you have adjusted the controls,
it is very important to make sure the
prescribed boil or pressure levels are
maintained for the required time.
Since you must make sure to process
the canning jars for the prescribed
time, with no interruption in processing
time, do not can on any cooktop
surface unit if your canner is not flat.
Observe the Following Points in Canning