GE ZDWC240 Beverage Dispenser User Manual

Reversing the Door Swing
Wine Chiller
To reverse
the door
Parts included:
1. Top left case hinge
2. Bottom left case hinge
3. Left and right side decorative
hinge cover
4. Decorative hinge screw hole cover
5. Torx
driver bit
Tools required:
1. Phillips screwdriver
2. Electric drill
To remove the door:
1. Flatten the shipping carton to use as
a pad.
2. Remove the 2 screws and the toekick.
Set aside the screws and toekick for final
3. Use the supplied Torx
bit and electric
drill to remove the 3 screws holding the
top case hinge. Lift off the hinge. (Screws
will be used to install the new hinge.)
4. Lift the door off the bottom case hinge.
5. Remove the bottom case hinge pin and
Rotate the door:
The handle will be on the right side of the
door; hinges will be installed on the left
side of the case.
1. Remove the door stop and cam riser on
the original bottom right side of the door.
2. Remove the fill plug on the top right side
of the door.
3. Turn the door over and reinstall the
fill plug on the new left side.
To reinstall the door:
1. Install the original door stop and cam
riser onto the bottom left side of the
2. Install the new supplied bottom case
hinge pin and bracket onto bottom
left side.
3. Place the door onto the bottom case
4. Install the supplied left-hand top case
hinge with the 3 original screws.
5. Select the hinge cover marked with
an “L”.
6. Peel backing off the tape inside the
decorative hinge cover.
7. Press and snap the
hinge cover into
8. Snap the screw hole
cover into place on
the opposite side.
Important: Check to be sure screws are
tight and that the door is straight and does
not sag. The door should swing freely.
NOTE: See Installation Instructions to
apply hinge cover and screw hole cover.
Position nameplate:
Apply the Monogram nameplate on the
door using the template included in the
installation instructions.
Top Hinge
3 Hinge
Door Stop
and Cam Riser
Pin and
Install Covers