Kenmore 911.92485 Oven User Manual

11. For best
results, follow
the steps in
2. if your handle is hidden, lift the
cooktop and pull the handle out as
far as it will go.
3. Slide the handle to the right. Do
not force the handle If it does not
slide easily, you have not pulled it
out from the latch cover as far as it
will go. Repeat Step 2.
Turn the oven control knob to the off
position. You wilt need to wait for the
oven temperature to drop below the
lock temperature (approx 1 hour)
before attempting to open the door
The indicator light will not blink if the
cycle is interrupted
After the cycle, you
may notice some
white ash in the
oven. ,Just wipe it
up with a damp
cloth or sponge.
If white spots remain, scrub them with
a soap-filled steel wool pad. Be sure
to rinse thoroughly These are usually
deposits of salt that cannol be
removed during the cycle.
If for any reason you are not
satisfied with the cleaning
results, just repeat the cycle.
4, Turn the oven control knob to
"CLEAN" The "CLEAN" and
"OVEN ON" indicator lights will
5. The handle will lock when high
temperatures are reached.
6. The clean cycle lasts 4 hours and
20 minutes, this includes cool
down time The "OVEN ON" and
"CLEAN" indicator lights will
blink at the end of the clean cycle
7, After the cycle is finished, turn the
oven control knob to the off posi-
8. When the temperature has cooled,
the door latch handle will easily
slide to the left