Kenmore 911.92485 Oven User Manual

Read all instructions before using this appliance. When using
gas or electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should
be followed, including the following=
Could Result _:,_'"
Install Anti-tip _,:_
Device Packed With i:i_i
Range _.i
. See Installation
Instructions i_:_
Tools you will need:
o Phillips head screwdriver
° 13/8" open end or adjustable wrench
1. Remove the bracket from the
prepack located inside the oven
2. Decide whether the bracket will be
installed on the right or left side of
range location
3. If the bracket side of the range is
adjacent to a cabinet, place the
bracket against back wall and
cabinet as shown in Figure 1,
If there is no adjacent cabinet,
determine where the location of
the range side (painted outside
panel) will be Place the bracket
with its outside edge at this
location and against back wall,
See Figure 2.
4. Determine whether you wili anchor
the bracket to the floor or wal!,
Make sure this location is clear of
electrical wiring or plumbing,
Outside Edge Of
Bracket To Be
Left Or
Right Side Of Range
Fig. 1
Fasten the bracket securely with
the screws provided, Screws are
self-drilling in wood, plywood,
particle and chip board, and most
metal framing. If attaching to
masonry, you can buy suitable
screws and anchors at hardware
stores Use a masonry drill to drill
the required holes
Bracket I I Wall
Screw Must Enter \ I I Plate
Wood Or Metal . _1 /
Fig. 2 Attachment To Wall
Using the wrench, back out the
four leg levelers at least two turns.
See your installation guide for
rpore leveling information before
positioning range
Slide the range into place. Be sure
rear leg leveler fully engages the
slot in the bracket. If range cannot
be moved back far enough for
rear leg leveler to enter bracket,
move bracket forward as required
and attach to floor in new location,