Magic Chef MCB1110B Microwave Oven User Manual

1. Door latch - When the door is closed it will
automatically lock shut. If the door is opened
while the oven is operating, the magnetron will
automatically shut off.
2. Door seal - The door seal maintains the
microwave within the oven cavity and prevents
microwave leakage.
3. Oven cavity
4. Spatter shield - Protects the microwave outlet
from splashes of cooking foods.
5. Safety interlock system - Prevents the oven
from operating while the door is opened.
6. Door release button - Pushing this button
stops oven operation and opens the door.
7. Glass cooking tray - Made of specical heat
resistant glass. The tray must always be in
proper position before operating.
Do not cook food directly on the tray.
8. Roller guide - Supports the glass cooking
9. Door screen - Allows viewing of food.
The screen is designed so that light can pass
through, but not the microwaves.
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