Miele G 2470 Dishwasher User Manual

Items not recommended for
Cutlery with wooden handles
Wooden cutting boards
Glued items such as old knives with
handles glued together around the
shank of the blade
Handmade craft items, antique,
metal trimmed or decorative
Plastic items that are not heat
Copper, brass, tin or aluminum
Dishes with color painted over the
glaze. These dishes may fade over
Fine glassware and crystal items
should only be washed using the
"China & Crystal" program*.
Otherwise clouding or etching may
occur after frequent washing.
Cast iron pots and pans
* depending on model
There are no standard guidelines for
washing glassware, when in doubt
wash by hand.
When purchasing new dishes,
glasses and cutlery, make sure they
are dishwasher safe. Only wash
items marked "dishwasher safe" in
the dishwasher.
If fine glassware is washed in the
dishwasher select the "China &
Crystal" program*. This will reduce
the risk of clouding.
Silver and aluminum:
Silver or aluminum items may tarnish.
Silverware previously cleaned with a
silver polish may be damp or spotted
at the end of a program where water
has adhered to the polish. This can
be rubbed off with a soft, dry cloth.
Silver that has been cleaned in an
immersion dip is usually dry at the
end of a program, but may tarnish.
If left to dry, foods containing sulfur
can discolor silver. These include
egg yolk, onions, mayonnaise,
mustard, fish and marinades.
Silverware may tarnish or pit if
washed next to stainless steel.
Leave space between these metals.
Clean aluminum items, e.g. grease
filters, with domestic dishwasher
detergent only.
Loading the dishwasher