Miele G 2470 Dishwasher User Manual

Time display
Before the program starts, the time
display shows the running time of the
selected program in hours and minutes.
During the running program the
remaining time shown in the time
The running time for the same program
may vary depending on the intake
water temperature, load size and
When a program is selected for the first
time, a time is shown which equals an
average program running time with
cold water.
The time values in the program guide
correspond to the program running
times with standard loads and
Each time a program is run, the
electronic adjusts the program running
time according to the intake water
temperature and the load size.
Glasscare indicator
The green Glasscare indicator lights
during the China & Crystal program.
This indicates that a program has been
selected which washes glasses
especially gently.
At the end of a program
At the end of a program the optical
function light flashes slowly with the
door closed.
The time display shows "0".
Dishes tends to chip if removed still hot
from the dishwasher.
Let the dishware cool.
After turning off the dishwasher open
the door slightly. The dishes will cool
much faster.
Unload the dishwasher.
The optical function light goes out one
hour after the end of a program.
^ Turn the dishwasher off "o".
The dishwasher continues to use
electricity until turned off with the
"o " button.
^ If the dishwasher is not used for a
longer period of time, e.g.
vacationing, turn off the water supply.