West Bend L4978 Bread Maker User Manual

1. Place knead bar on shaft in bottom of bread pan, matching the opening of the knead bar
with the shape of the shaft. Make sure knead bar is pushed down onto the shaft and the
shaft area is clean. You may need to twist the bar slightly to drop in place.
Add knead bar to shaft in bread pan.
2. Add ingredients to pan in order listed in recipe, MAKING SURE to add any liquid
ingredients first, followed by dry ingredients, then butter or margarine and lastly the yeast.
After the dry ingredients are added to the pan, tap pan to settle, then level dry ingredients, pushing some of the flour
mixture into the corners of the pan. This will prevent any liquid from seeping up from the corners. Make a slight well
in center of dry ingredients and add the yeast to the well. This is especially important when using the Delay Start
Timer to prevent the yeast from getting wet.
Add liquid ingredients to pan first. Add dry ingredients to bread pan. Add butter/margarine to pan, cutting into 4
pieces, placing a piece in each corner.
Make a well in center of dry ingredients
and add yeast to well.
3. Lock the bread pan into bread maker, turning pan counterclockwise to lock
in place. Note the directional arrows on edge of pan as to which way to
turn for the lock position. Pan must be locked in place for the bread maker
to function properly. Make sure handle of pan is down, then close cover.
4. Plug bread maker cord into a 120 volt AC electrical outlet ONLY. Press
the BREAD SELECT button until desired bread setting (BASIC, BASIC
SWEET) appears in display along with process time. If you pass the
desired setting, just continue to press the Bread Select button until desired
setting appears.
5. Press the BREAD COLOR button until desired crust color (LIGHT,
MEDIUM or DARK) appears in display. If you pass the desired color, just
continue to press the BREAD COLOR button until desired setting is reached. Program Delay Start Timer if desired.
6. Press START/STOP button once to turn bread maker on. When on, the red light under the word ON will glow. To
activate LOCK feature, if offered, press LOCK button once to lock program into control. The word’ LOCK’ will
appear in display.
After bread maker has been turned on, the programmed settings cannot be changed. If you wish to change
settings, hold START/STOP button down until red ON light goes out. Then program control as desired and
turn back on.
After bread maker is turned on, the colon between hours and minutes will flash and the word REST will appear in the
display to let you know which cycle the machine is in. The REST cycle time varies from 5 to 30 minutes depending on
bread selection made. During the REST period, you may hear clicking noises, which is normal as gentle heat is being
provided to warm the pan and ingredients.
As the cycle advances and the time counts down, the words KNEAD; RISE and BAKE will appear in display to let you
know which cycle the machine is in and the time remaining until the bread is done.
SPECIAL NOTE: If using the SWEET bread setting, an audible alert will sound about 17 minutes after the bread
maker is turned on. This is the time to add ingredients such as raisins, nuts, etc. as directed in recipe. Simply open the