Bosch Appliances DUH36122UC Ventilation Hood User Manual

The efficiency of the range hood system depends on the cleanliness of the intake and filters.
The frequency of cleaning depends on the amount and type of cooking.
Do not use the ventilating system without the filters in place or with grease-laden filters or surfaces.
WARNING To avoid risk of fire and explosion do not use flammable liquids or solvents.
Always unplug or disconnect the appliance from the power supply before servicing.
WARNING: Be sure the entire hood (including the filters and light bulbs) has cooled and grease has
solidified before attempting to clean any part of the appliance.
The metal grease filters are made of anodized
aluminum and are long lasting.
To Remove The Metal Grease Filters
Turn the fan and lights off.
Push each handle towards the back and pull
To Replace The Metal Grease Filters
Reverse procedure.
To Clean Filters
It is recommended that the filters be washed at
least once a month; they can be washed by
hand or in the dishwasher.
Drain water through edge holes and let each
filter dry thoroughly before replacing it.
Before replace the lamps, switch power off at
service panel and lock service panel disconnecting
means to prevent power from being switched on
NOTE: Turn off the lights and fan. Allow the
lights to
cool before handling. If new lights do
not operate be sure lights are inserted correctly
before calling service.
Replace Lights
halogen lamp (Models DUH30252UC -
DUH36252UC Only)
Remove the damaged light (twist counter
clockwise) and replace with a new 120 Volt, 50
Watt (maximum) 50° halogen light made for a
GU10 base, suitable for use in open
Incandescent olive shaped lamp (Models
DUH30152UC - DUH30122UC - DUH36152UC -
DUH36122UC Only)
Remove the light shield unscrewing the side
screw, lifting it outwards to release, and sliding it
towards the right hand side and remove
Remove the damaged light (rotate counter
clockwise) and replace with a new 40 W max
(E14) lamp.
Optional Charcoal Filters
If the model is not vented to the outside, the air will
be recirculated through disposable charcoal filters
that help remove smoke and odors.
The charcoal filters cannot be cleaned.
They must be replaced.
The charcoal filters are clipped inside of each metal
grease filter (mounting instructions included with
charcoal filters kit).
The charcoal filters should be replaced when they
are noticeably dirty or
discolored (usually after 6–12 months, depending
on hood usage).
NOTE: DO NOT rinse, or put charcoal filters in an
automatic dishwasher.
NOTE: Charcoal filters are not
included with the hood.
They must be ordered from your supplier.
Order the needed kit specifying your hood model
and width size.