Bosch Appliances DUH36122UC Ventilation Hood User Manual

Always use the mildest cleaner that will do the job. Use clean, soft cloths, sponges or paper towels.
Rub stainless steel finishes in the direction of the grain. Wipe area dry to avoid water marks.
After cleaning, place all parts in their proper positions before using.
The cleaners recommended below indicate a type and do not constitute an endorsement. Use all
products according to package directions.
Care and Cleaning Chart
Mesh Filters
Painted surfaces
Steel Surfaces
Top cap is not removable. Wash top and underside with hot sudsy water.
Rinse and wipe dry or apply Fantastic® or Formula 409® first to a clean
sponge or paper towel and wipe clean. DO NOT USE powdered cleansers or
steel wool pads.
Clean filters in the dishwasher or by agitating in sudsy water. Ensure that
there is no soil trapped in the fine mesh. Dry the filters before reinstalling
DO NOT REMOVE control knob. Wipe with a moist soapy sponge. Rinse
and dry.
For general care, wipe the outside of the hood with sudsy water or household
cleaners such as Fantastic or Formula 409, rinse well and dry with a clean
soft cloth to avoid water marks.
DO NOT USE powdered cleansers or steel wool pads.
Wipe and dry stainless steel in the same direction as the grain. Avoid using
too much pressure, which may mar the surface. To remove finger prints and
give added shine, use cleaners such as Stainless Steel Magic. Do not allow
any cleaning compounds to remain in contact with stainless steel for
extended periods.
Before Calling for Service
If the blower does not operate:
Ensure that the electrical cord is properly connected and the supply circuit is energized.
Check that the intake is fully raised.
Make sure that the blower speed control knob is not in the OFF position.
How to Obtain Service
For authorized service or parts information, call 1-800-994-2904.
We want you to be a satisfied customer. If a situation arises that has not been resolved to your satisfaction, please
let us know.
Write: Customer Support, BSH Home Appliances, Corp. 5551 McFadden Ave., Huntington Beach, CA 92649,
or call: 1-800-994-2904.
Please include the model number, serial number, and date of original purchase/installation.