Daewoo KOG-374R0S Microwave Oven User Manual

• High voltage is present at the high voltage terminal of the high voltage transformer during any cooking cycle.
• It is neither necessary nor advisable to attempt measurement of the high voltage.
• Before touching any oven components or wiring, always unplug the oven from its power source and discharge the
1. High voltage transformer
1) Remove connections from the transformer terminals and check continuity.
2) Normal readings should be as follows :
Secondary winding ... Approx. 110 ±10%
Filament winding ... Approx. 0
Primary winding ... Approx. 1
2. High voltage capacitor
1) Check continuity of capacitor with meter on the highest OHM scale.
2) A normal capacitor will show continuity for a short time, and then indicate 10Monce the capacitor charged.
3) A shorted capacitor will show continuous continuity.
4) An open capacitor will show constant 10M.
5) Resistance between each terminal and chassis should be infinite.
3. High voltage diode
1) Isolate the diode from the circuit by disconnecting the leads.
2) With the ohmmeter set on the highest resistance scale measure the resistance across the diode terminals.
Reverse the meter leads and again observe the resistance reading. Meter with 6V, 9V or higher voltage batteries
should be used to check the front-back resistance of the diode, otherwise an infinite resistance may be read in
both directions. A normal diode's resistance will be infinite in one direction and several hundred k in the other
4. Magnetron
For complete magnetron diagnosis, refer to "Measurement of the Microwave Power Output." Continuity checks can
only indicate and open filament or a shorted magnetron. To diagnose for an open filament or a shorted magnetron,
1) Isolate magnetron from the circuit by disconnecting the leads.
2) A continuity check across magnetron filament terminals should indicate 0.1 or less.
3) A continuity check between each filament terminal and magnetron case should read open.
5. Fuse
If the fuse in the primary and monitor switch circuit is blown when the door is opened, check the primary and
monitor switch before replacing the blown fuse. In case the fuse is blown by an improper switch operation, replace
the defective switch and fuse at the same time. Replace just the fuse if the switches operate normally.