Fisher & Paykel OS60NDTX Oven User Manual

Care and cleaning
Cleaning the outer surface
To clean the window of the electronic programmer and the oven door, use a soft cloth soaked in
a glass cleaning product.
Do not use abrasive products or hard metallic scourers to clean the glass door as this could
scratch the surface and cause the glass to break.
Cleaning the inside of the oven (after each use)
Rub the inside of the oven with a dry cloth after the steam generator has cooled or leave the
inside of the oven to dry with the door slightly open.
Cleaning the water supply pipe (once a month)
Remove the water supply pipe by unscrewing it.
Remove any lime scale deposit that there may be inside the pipe (using a fine, sharp object such
as a skewer or a knitting needle).
Cleaning the steam generator (once a month)
Pour ⁄ glass of white vinegar into the generator. Leave to act for a few minutes, then clean and
rinse with water.
Do not use a sponge or abrasive powders or kettle descaler.
Cleaning the discharge spout
Remove the discharge spout by pulling it upwards,
wipe it and put it back in place using the three notches
provided for this purpose.
Do not use a steam cleaning appliance.