GE ZSCIO00 Oven User Manual

Advan(ium Oven
CAUTION: When using speedcook proqrams, remember that the oven, door and
dishes will be veo_ hot!
[¥ior to the firrt use o/your oven ttu clock must be set. Se_ ttu Advantium Quick
Sta'_t ,s_ction.
B@m_ yon beffin, make ._n_ tke turntable is in/dace. Use tke non-stick metal tray and
your owr_ glass or ceramic cookwan_ if r.eded.
77_e turntable musl al.,a) s be itz [dace Pul /ood dincff_ ot_ tlu non-stick
me4al trcO,to speedcook.
Appetizers Desserts Pizza
Breads Entrees Potatoes
Breakfast Meats Poultry
Side Dish
7b use a
Advantium is ahea@ p_,-,set to cook ow_r
175 popular dist,<s.
1. Press the speedcook pad.
1/ no sdection is made within
l 5 ,secon&_, the display will "_n'rt
back to tke time of day.
2. Turn the selector dial to select
the type of food categ_t y yon
want. Press the dial to enter.
3. Turn the selector dial to select the
specific food (menu selection).
Press the dial to enter.
. Turn the selector dial to select
amount, size, and/or doneness
(if required, the oxen will prompt
yon.) Press the dial after each
Once the display shows:
AI).[L_S'T TIAIE or STAR 7"either
press start or the selector dial to
start cooking.
7)o'r_ ttu jbod over wk_ n tke oven ,_igmaZs
7"UIL'\:FOOD O1'77/?(/br certain ,/bodO.
l:I/Tumttu oven .dgma{_ CHI_CK Jbr
)( ' : ' : " se_ if your ji)od i_
I )NLNLSS, ckeck to
done to your liking ([br certain ji)od, O.
7b r(_Mv settin_r durir_g cooking
p_s',_ the ,selector dial.
[/yon er_ter art und(_d'_z)dselection at
an)! tim( .simply/m_s.s tlu t:MCK pad
and _,-enter the d_si'_,d selection._.
Earl), in a .speedcook program, you will
tke di.sJda),. 77ze ove_ automatical(),
.se_s(_ the electrical voltage h_el ir_
your home and act]u._ts the cooki_g
time up or dmvn jot p'mpo" cooking.
[f the door is ope_ du'4ng cooking,
tke ove_ will stop and PAUSE will
appear in the displ(o,. Close tke door
and pr(ar,s the START/PAUSE pad
to _z<sumecooking.
At a_ytime du_Jng cooking you can
turn the ,_ele<tordial to change the
cookMg time. _m car_ change power
leveZr by p_z_ssingPOX4'ER/TEMP.
To as,_u'_vconsistent cookMg _z_sults,
the ow, n may adju,st power hq_et_
downward if the oven is hot at the
br_ffinning (f a p_{_,_m.
At the e_d qfcooki_g, tke automatic
jhn may continue to run jot a ,_hort
time to cool inter_al components.
7;) cookjbr additio_ml time ((rio a
cooking o,ch, ha,s bee_ oomph'ted,
u,se the _z<sume,/i_atu_v.