Hamilton Beach BrewStation Coffeemaker User Manual

9. DO NOT open lid during and just
after brewing
to preserve the
coffee’s heat
and flavor.
10. To dispense coffee, press dispenser
with a cup.
Remove cup
when desired
amount has
been dispensed.
Coffee may be
dispensed dur-
ing and after
11. The BrewStation features a two-
hour automatic
shut off. To
turn off sooner,
press ON/OFF
button and
indicator light
will go out.
12. When finished, push ON/OFF
button to turn off, then unplug
BrewStation. Do not open cof-
feemaker until it has been turned off.
Always allow to cool before clean-
NOTE: Care should be taken when
handling the coffee tank after brewing.
Optional Features
Water Filter
1. Before first use, soak water filter in
cold tap water
for 15 minutes.
Then rinse
under cold run-
ning tap water
for 15 seconds.
2. Insert filter in base. Snap lid onto
3. Place filter and filter holder in
4. Replace after 60 brew cycles of
coffee. Set your replacement month
by aligning the arrow with the month
you expect will represent 60 brew
5. To replace, pull up on lid of filter
holder while holding filter base, turn
filter base to allow filter to drop out.
Permanent Filter
The Permanent Filter takes the place of
disposable paper filters. Simply place
the Permanent Filter in the filter basket.
Rinse the Permanent Filter in hot water
before first use. Clean the Permanent
Filter under hot running water and let
dry. Permanent Filter can be placed in
top rack of automatic dishwasher.