Hamilton Beach BrewStation Coffeemaker User Manual

Optional Features (cont.)
To Set Clock:
1. Plug in BrewStation. Numbers on the
clock will flash until you set time of
day or one minute elapses.
2. To set time of day, press H button to
set current hour
with AM or PM
as indicated on
left of the clock.
3. Press M button until you reach the
current time.
To Program Automatic Brew:
1. Make sure clock is set for correct
time of day.
2. Press Prog button and digits will
3. Press H and M buttons until desired
brewing time is
4. Press Prog button to confirm setting.
Digits will stop
flashing and
return to set
time of day.
5. Push Auto/ON/OFF button once and
“PRO” will be shown in display and
the ON/OFF light will flash indicating
the brew cycle will begin at the set
NOTE: If the Auto/ON/OFF button
is pushed twice, the ON/OFF light
will glow and brewing will begin
immediately. Simply press the
ON/OFF button once to turn off and
once more to set programming mode.
6. Follow steps 3-12 in “To Make