Kenmore 790.4019 Oven User Manual

Control Pad Features
Note: The appearance of your oven control may differ slightly from the one illustrated below. However, all functions
are the same. Also, push buttons or pads may be shaped differently than those appearing in this Use and
Care Guide.
READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USING THE OVEN. For satisfactory use of your oven, become
familiar with the various functions of the oven as described below,
INTERIOR PAD Used to PAD Used to
LIGHT PAD set the time enter the length
Used to turn of day. of the baking
oven interior light time.
Used to set or cancel
the minute timer• The
minute timer does
start or stop cooking•
Pad is used to set the
Continuous Bake
UP and DOWN ARROWS PADS Used along with the function
pads to select oven temperature, cook time, start time (when
programming an automatic start time), time of day, clean time
and minute timer.
Used to select
the bake
function. FEATURE
These light to
_ show which
feature is in use.
.... __ BROIL PAD--
Used to select
the variable broil
® function•
Feature. _-_ _ /_ ® Oven _l_"_
{ _e)ect| | _[g),W_} [ uu_,dyI _ Preheat [E:_;_}
SELECT CLEAN _ _,.e,,/ \ ....... / \ .... 7 / \&_l_'/
PAD Used to select "_ q w /O DoarLecked ",_ _--_----_- WARM & HOLD
_ Loc](o t
the Self-Cleaning _- /_ _''_'_ PAD--Used to
cycle• A 2, 3 or 4 _ / _ set the Warm &
hour Self-Clean time _ / _ Hold feature•
may be selected ............... / .......... \ .............
(some models). _ ...............................
OVEN, PREHEAT & DOOR LOCK LIGHTS* The "Oven" light STOP CLEAR PAD-- Used to clear
will glow each time the oven unit turns on to maintain the set any function previously entered
DELAY START PAD Used to set the
oven temperature. The "Preheat" light will glow when the oven except the time of day and minute
desired start time for baking. May be is first set to operate, or ifthe desired temperature is reset timer. Press STOP CLEAR to stop
used with COOK TiME to program a higher than the actual oven temperature. The "Door Locked" cooking. Also the STOP CLEAR
delayed bake cycle or a delayed clean light will flash until the door locks when the self-clean cycle is in pad is used to activate oven lockout
cycle• use. It glows constantly after the door locks (some models)• setting• (some models)•
*Note: The OVEN indicator light on the electronic display will turn ON and OFF when using the Bake feature and
during preheat. This is normal and indicates that the oven is cycling to maintain the selected baking temperature.
When preheat indicator light turns OFF, your oven is ready.
For a silent control panel:
When choosing a function, a beep will be heard each time a pad is pressed. If desired, the control can be programmed
for silent operation.
1. To tell if your oven is set for normal or silent operation press and hold _s_ for 7 seconds. %-" or "SP" (speaker)
appears in the display.
2. Within 5 seconds, press the A or v pad to switch between normal sound operation and silent operation mode.
The display will show either % - " or "SP".
3. Wait 5 seconds to return to normal operating mode.
If "SP" appears, the control will operate with normal sounds and beeps. If "- - " appears, the control is in the silent
operation mode.
Temperature Conversion (Fahrenheit / Celsius)
The electronic oven control is set to operate in °F (Fahrenheit) when shipped from the factory. The oven can be
programmed for any temperature from 170°F to 550°F (77°C to 288°C).
To change the temperature to °C (Celsius) or from °C to °F (control should not be in a Bake or Clean mode):
1. Press and hold for 7 seconds until °F or °C appears in the display.
2. Press the A or v pad to change °F to °C or °C to °F.
3. Wait 5 seconds to accept the changes or press (_t") to reject the changes.