Kenmore 790.4019 Oven User Manual

Setting the Clock
Note: The time of day must first be set in order to operate the oven.
To Set the Clock
When the range isfirst plugged in, or when the power supply to the appliance has been interrupted, the display will
flash "12:00".
1. Press _ once (do not hold pad down).
2. Within 5 seconds, press and hold the A or v until the correct time of day appears in the display.
3. Press ((_ once to accept the new time of day. If _(_ is not pressed, the timer will return automatically to the new
time of day after 7 seconds.
Note: The clock cannot be changed during any timed bake, delayed time bake, self-clean cycle or delayed self-
clean cycle.
Changing Between 12 or 24 Hour Time of Day Display
Press and hold _'-C)'_for 7 seconds. After 7 seconds, "12Hr" or "24Hr" will appear in the display and the control will
beep once.
2. Press__rvt_switchbetweenthe12and24h_urtime_fdaydisp_ay_Thedisp_aywi__sh_weither''12Hr''_r''24Hr''_ !"_"
3. Wait 5 seconds or press _ to return to the time of day display.
4. Reset the correct time as described in To set the Clock above. Please note that ifthe 24 hour time of day mode was
chosen, the clock will now display time from 0:00 through 23:59 hours. _i';:'_
To Set the Minute Timer
1. Press @.
2. Press the A to increase or v to decrease the time in one minute increments. The timer can be set for any
amount of time from 1 minute to 11 hours and 59 minutes.
3. The display shows the timer countdown in minutes if more than 1 hour remains. When less than 1 hour remains,
the display will count down in seconds.
4. When the set time has run out, the timer will beep 3 times. It will continue to beep 3 times every 8 seconds until
is pressed.
Note: The indicator light located above the _,"_ pad will glow while the minute timer is active.
Note: The minute timer does not start or stop cooking. It serves as an extra timer in the kitchen that will beep when
the set time has run out. The minute timer can be used alone or during any of the other oven functions. When the
minute timer is in use with any other functions, the minute timer will be shown in the display. To view other functions,
press the pad for that function.
To Cancel the Minute Timer before the set time has run out: Press @.