Kenmore 790.4951 Oven User Manual

Oven Controls
To turn the oven off and keep the Sabbath feature active:
Press .
To turn off the Sabbath feature:
Press and hold both Cook Time and Delay Start simultaneously
for at least 3 seconds to turn the Sabbath feature off. The
control will provide an acceptance tone and SAb will disappear
from the display. The oven is no longer programmed for the
Sabbath feature.
What to do during a power failure or power interruption after
the Sabbath feature was activated:
Should you experience a power failure or interruption, the oven
will shut-off. When power is restored the oven will not turn back
on automatically. The oven will remember that it is set for the
Sabbath and the oven display will show the message SF for
Sabbath failure (Figure 17).
The food may be safely removed from the oven while still in the
Sabbath feature, however the oven cannot be turned back on
until after the Sabbath/Holidays. After the Sabbath observance
turn off the Sabbath feature. Press and hold both Cook Time
and Delay Start keys for at least 3 seconds simultaneously to
turn the Sabbath feature off. SF will disappear from the display
and the oven may be used with all normal functions.
Adjusting Oven Temperatures
Your appliance has been factory calibrated and tested to ensure
accurate baking temperatures. For the first few uses, follow your
recipe times and temperature recommendations carefully. If you
think the oven is cooking too hot or too cool for your recipe
times, you may adjust the control so the oven cooks hotter or
cooler than the oven temperature displayed.
The oven temperature may be increased as much as +35°F
(+19°C) or decreased -35°F (-19°C) from the factory calibrated
To increase (+) or decrease (-) the oven temperature by 20°F:
1. Press and hold Bake until the control produces an audible
tone (about 6 seconds). The factory offset temperature of
0 (zero) should appear in the display.
2. Enter 2 0 using numeric keypad.
3. Press Self Clean to toggle between plus (+) if increasing
temperature or minus (-) if decreasing the temperature.
4. Press to accept change.
Important note:
Oven temperature adjustments will not change the Broil or
Self Clean function temperatures.
If the temperature shows an adjustment of -20°F, and a
+20°F adjustment is needed, toggle between the minus (-)
or plus (+) in the display by pressing the Self Clean key.
Do not use oven thermometers such as those found in
grocery stores to check the temperature settings inside your
oven. These oven thermometers may vary as much as 20 to
40°F degrees from actual temperatures.
The oven temperature adjustment may be made if your
oven control is set to display temperatures in °C (Celsius).
Minimum and maximum settings for Celsius range from plus
(+)19°C to minus (-) 19°C.
Restoring Factory Default Settings
Your appliance was set with predetermined (default) oven
control settings. Over time, users may have made changes to
these settings. The following options may have been modified
since the appliance was new:
12 or 24 hr display mode
Continuous bake or 12 Hour Energy Savings mode
Silent or audible control
Oven temperature display (Fahrenheit or Celsius)
Oven temperature adjustments (UPO)
To restore oven control to factory default settings:
If you choose to restore any of the options to a
factory default setting using this method, all of the above user
settings will be restored to the factory default settings. This
includes the oven temperature offset that will reset to (0) zero.
1. Press and hold 7 on numeric keypad until acceptance tone
sounds (about 6 seconds).
2. Press . The control has been reset with the default
Figure 17: Display showing Sabbath failure