Kenmore 790.4951 Oven User Manual

Read all instructions before using this appliance.
Save these instructions for future reference.
Never use your appliance for warming or
heating the room.
Use care when opening oven door, lower
oven door, or warmer drawer (some
models). Stand to the side of the oven
when opening the door of a hot oven. Let
hot air or steam escape before you
remove or replace food in the oven.
Keep oven vent ducts clear. Touching
surfaces in this area when the oven is on
may cause severe burns. Do not place
plastic or heat-sensitive items on or near
the oven vent. These items can melt or
Always handle oven racks when the oven
is cool. Place oven racks in desired
positions while the oven is cool. if a rack
must be moved while the oven is hot, use
extreme caution. Use potholders and
grasp the rack with both hands to reposi-
tion. Do not let potholders contact the hot
heating elements in the oven. Remove all
bakeware and utensils before moving the
Do not use a broiler pan without its insert.
Do not cover the broiler insert with
aluminum foil; exposed fat and grease
could ignite.
Do not use aluminum foil or other protec-
tive liners to line the oven bottom. Only
use aluminum foil as recommended in this
manual. Improper installation of these
liners may result in risk of electric shock or
Do not cook food on the oven bottom.
Always use proper bakeware and use the
oven racks
Before manually cleaning any
part of the oven, be sure all controls are
turned off and the oven is cool. Cleaning a
hot oven can cause burns.
Clean the oven regularly to keep all parts
free of grease that could catch fire. Do not
allow grease to accumulate. Always follow
the manufacturer’s recommended directions
for use of kitchen cleaners and aerosols. Be
aware that excess residue from cleaners and
aerosols may ignite causing damage and
Clean ventilating hoods frequently. Grease
should not be allowed to accumulate on the
hood or filter. Follow the manufacturer’s
instructions for cleaning hoods.
Use the self-clean cycle to clean only the
parts listed in this manual. Before using
self-clean, remove the broiler pan, any
food, utensils, and bakeware from the
oven. Remove oven racks unless otherwise
Do not use oven cleaners. No commercial
oven cleaner, oven liner, or protective
coating of any kind should be used in or
around any part of the oven.
Do not clean the oven door gasket. The
door gasket is essential for a good seal.
Do not rub, damage, or move the gasket.
Some birds are extremely sensitive to the
fumes given off during the self-clean
cycle of any oven. Move birds to another
well-ventilated room.