Kenmore 790.4951 Oven User Manual

Oven Controls
As soon as Self Clean becomes active, a motor driven lock
mechanism will begin locking the oven door automatically and
door Loc will appear in the display (Figure 19). Do not open the
oven door when door Loc is displayed (allow 15 seconds for the
lock mechanism to lock the oven).
Once the oven door has locked, CLn will appear in the display
indicating Self Clean has started.
When Self Clean is finished:
Use caution when opening the oven door after
self cleaning. The oven may still be very hot and can cause
burns. To avoid possible burns stand to the side of the oven when
opening the oven door to allow hot air or steam to escape.
1. Cln message will turn off and Hot will appear in display
window (Figure 20).
2. Once the oven has cooled down (about 1 hour) and Hot is
no longer displayed, the door Opn message will appear.
When this message turns off the oven door may be opened.
3. When the oven interior has completely cooled, wipe away
any residue or powdered ash with a damp cloth or paper
Important note:
The kitchen area should be well ventilated. Use an open window,
ventilation fan or exhaust hood during the first self clean cycle
to help eliminate the normal odors associated with the 1st self
clean cycle.
When the clean time finishes the oven door will remain locked
until the oven has cooled sufficiently. In addition to the clean
time that was programmed, allow about 1 additional hour for
the oven to cool before opening the oven door. The Self Clean
function will not operate when the oven lockout is active.
Setting Delay Start Self Clean
To start a delay Self Clean with default clean time of 3 hours
and a start time of 9:00 o’clock:
1. Be sure the clock is set with the correct time of day, the oven
is empty and ALL oven racks are removed. Be sure oven
door is completely closed.
2. Press Delay Start.
3. Using numeric keypad enter 9 0 0 for time to start.
4. Press to accept
5. Press Self Clean.
6. Press .
If it becomes necessary to stop Self Clean when active:
1. Press .
2. If Self Clean has heated the oven to a high temperature,
allow enough time for the oven to cool and the door Opn
message to appear (Figure 20). When this message turns
off the oven may be opened.
3. Before restarting Self Clean, be sure to read important
notes below.
Important note:
When Self Clean is active you may check the amount of
clean time remaining by pressing the Self Clean key once.
If your clock is set with the (default) 12 hr display mode, the
Delay Start for a Self Clean can only be programmed to
start up to 11 hours and 59 minutes after the time showing in
the display (be sure to set the clock to current time before
programming a delay start). To set a Delay Start Self Clean
to begin 12 or more hours (maximum is 23 hours and 59
minutes) after the time of setting, be sure to first set the
control in the 24 Hr display mode.
If Self Clean was active and then interrupted by a power
failure or cancelled before the oven was thoroughly
cleaned, it may be necessary to run another Self Clean
If the oven temperature was high enough when Self Clean
was interrupted the oven control may not allow another Self
Clean cycle to be set for up to 4 hours.
Figure 19: Door locking (L) and active Clean (R) shown
Figure 20: Hot oven door locked (L) door open message (R).