Kenmore 9743678 Dishwasher User Manual

Undercounter Dishwasher
What do I needto haveto
installthe dishwasher?
Tools, parts & materials 1-2
Requirements 3-6
Dishwasher dimensions Back cover
Customize dishwasher Back cover
WhatdoI needto do before
I installthe dishwasher?
Prepare cabinet 7-12
Prepare dishwasher 13-16
HowdoI installthe
Connect dishwasher
Secure dishwasher
Doing so will:
make installation easier.
help you in the future if you have questions.
help if you have an electrical inspection.
Call your Sears store or service center when you
have questions or need service. When you call, you
will need the dishwasher model and serial numbers.
Part No. 9744231