Toastmaster Gas & Electric Fryer Fryer User Manual

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Electric Single Sandwich and Panini Grills
Toastmaster’s line of electric sandwich and panini grills are designed to uniformly grill
both sides of a sandwich at the same time. To add to the grills’ versatility, the bottom
grill can be heated alone.
General Information: The Toastmaster electric grills are available with 3 different grill
surfaces; a natural aluminum smooth finish, non-stick SilverStone
coated smooth or
grooved. SilverStone
is a registered trademark of DuPont Co.
Construction: Construction is of formed and welded sheet steel. Grill plates are of cast
aluminum. An 8 oz. capacity grease receptacle at the rear of the unit is easily removable
for emptying and cleaning.
Electrical: The electric sandwich and panini grills are available in 120, 208, or 240 Volts,
single phase. A factory installed 6 foot cord and plug is included. (Please refer to
corresponding unit chart for exact NEMA plug and electrical requirements.)
Heating: A preformed tubular heating element is clamped beneath the grill on each of the
top and bottom grill plates.
Controls: Controlled by an adjustable thermostat with range of 150 to 450
F with an
“OFF” position. A three position switch is provided to turn the unit off, operate the
bottom grill only, or operate both top and bottom grills. The top grill can be adjusted
from paper-thin to thick sandwich heights and locked into place to provide consistent
Now Available: Toastmaster’s New Double Sandwich Grill, heavy-duty in
construction, the double sandwich grill is manufactured with stainless steel construction
and heavy-duty cast steel plates. This unit has some of the thickest cast steel plates
available for this machine and allows for greater heat retention once the unit is heated.
Heavy-duty elements are located close to the castings so that the heat build up is quicker
than most of our competitors and creates greater electrical efficiency.
Some other features of the grill include easy to clean pull out waste trays and sturdy head
lifting mechanisms.