Toastmaster Gas & Electric Fryer Fryer User Manual

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Convection Oven Convection Oven
Convection Ovens:
Do you need a convection oven that bakes evenly?
Do you need a fast convection oven?
Do you need a door that you can slam close?
Do you need a door that stays cool while cooking, even as you cook at 400
Do you need easy to use controls?
Do you want a versatile piece of equipment you’ll use for a variety of food products?
Then the Convection Oven from Toastmaster is the answer!
The XO-1N is the smallest oven with the ability to hold either three or four half size sheet
pans. Don’t let its size fool you; this little oven is a true work horse. Constructed of
stainless steel, and a full view dual pane “Cool to the Touch” glass door and a Slam Cam
handle, the XO-1N is designed to be compact yet heavy-duty.
This unit can produce bakery items to perfection. This is the ideal unit where space is
limited, or where an additional oven is required to facilitate an expansion of your menu.
Since these units are stackable, as your business grows, additional units can be added
without taking up additional counter space. A 120 Volt cord and plug is provided, so all
you have to do is plug it in and cook!
The XO-1MTD and XO-1MTDP are big brothers to the XO-1N. This unit has the capacity
of either four or five half-size sheet pans. This unit is available as either 208 or 240 Volt.
These units have the same overall features as the XO-1N with greater capacity.
The XO-1MTDP has programmable controls.
The RM-5T and RA-5T are both constructed of stainless steel and incorporate exclusive
flow technology to ensure a perfect bake. The slam cam handle and cool to touch
dual pane door provide safe and easy usage. A pass-thru option is available and it allows
back of the house loading, with front of the house unloading. With a small footprint, just
30” wide, and the ability to be stacked, it is the perfect convection oven to add where
space may be limited.
When cooking, the Toastmaster Convection Oven offers you precise baking for 5 full sheet
pans with generous 4 inch spacing. If you produce taller product, you can specify 4 shelves
at 5 inch spacing.