Whirlpool W10102500A Dishwasher User Manual

Additional specifications of tire pressure
values for loads can also be found on the tire
pressure table on the inside of the fuel filler
The tire pressure for emergency spare wheels
can be found:
on the yellow sticker on the wheel rim of
the emergency spare wheel
in the "Tires" section (Y page 327) in this
Operator's Manual
on the Tire and Loading Information placard
on the driver’s door B-pillar
The specifications shown in the examples
in the tire pressure tables are only
examples. Tire pressure specifications are
vehicle-specific and may deviate from the
data shown here. The tire pressure
specifications that are valid for your vehicle
can be found on your vehicle's tire pressure
The tire pressures in the tire pressure table
on the inside of the fuel filler flap are valid for
all approved tires installed at the factory,
unless stated otherwise.
The tire pressure table is valid for all approved tires
installed at the factory (example)
If the tire pressure precedes a tire size, the
tire pressure specification is only valid for this
tire size. The vehicle loading conditions
"partially laden" or "fully laden" are specified
using a differing number of persons and
luggage in the table. The actual number of
seats may differ from this.
Tire pressure table with tire sizes (example)
Some tire pressure tables only show the rim
diameter instead of the complete tire size,
e.g. R18. The rim diameter is a component of
the tire size and can be read from the tire
sidewall (Y page 321).
Tire pressure too low or too high
Underinflated tires
Follow recommended tire inflation pressures.
Do not underinflate tires. Underinflated tires
wear excessively and/or unevenly, adversely
affect handling and fuel economy, and are
more likely to fail from being overheated.
Underinflated tires can:
wear excessively and/or unevenly
adversely affect fuel economy
fail from being overheated
adversely affect handling
Tire pressures
Tires and wheels
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