Whirlpool WRF992FIFM Refrigerator User Manual

Your Whirlpool
French door refrigerator comes equipped with various
innovative storage and energy efficient features.
Energy and Normal Operating Sounds
Your new French door bottom mount refrigerator has been
designed with a Linear Compressor to optimize energy efciency
and better regulate temperatures to match cooling demand. You
may notice that it operates differently than your previously owned
refrigerator. It is normal for the high-efciency compressor to
run for extended periods of time at varying speeds in order to
consume only the energy necessary for optimum efciency. In
addition, during various stages of the cooling cycle, you may
hear normal operating sounds that are unfamiliar to you.
Ice Dispensing System
The ice maker and ice storage bin are located in the door for easy
access to ltered ice while freeing up valuable shelf space inside.
Dual Evaporator
The refrigerator and freezer compartments have separate
evaporators to provide fresh food and frozen food with optimal
storage climates: cool and humid in the fresh food, cold and dry
in the freezer, no mixing of air between the compartments to
reduce the transfer of food odors and tastes from refrigerator to
freezer, and allows freezer air to remain dry to control frost and
reduce freezer burn.
Air Filter
An air lter is 15 times more powerful than baking soda at
reducing common food odors inside the refrigerator. Replace
your air lter every 6 months for maximum odor reduction.
Produce Preserver (on some models)
Ethylene is a natural gas produced by fruits and vegetables to
promote ripening. The Produce Preserver absorbs ethylene to
delay the over-ripening of fresh produce. As a result, certain
produce items will stay fresh longer.
EveryDrop™ Water Filter
EveryDrop™ water lters are NSF
Certied to reduce most
contaminants, including chlorine taste and odor, lead, pesticides,
and trace amounts of pharmaceuticals. EveryDrop™ brand
lters are the only lters tested and certied for your refrigerator
system. Replace your EveryDrop™ lter every 6 months for
maximum contaminant reduction.
Water Dispenser with Measured Fill
The Measured Fill feature allows you to dispense a desired
amount of ltered water in handy increments like 8, 16, or 24 oz.
More Storage Space
This French door bottom mount refrigerator has the most shelf
space and door bin space available.
Infinity Slide Shelf
Your new Innity slide shelf or shelves (on some models) is
designed to maximize accessibility to items of all shapes and
sizes. Small items t perfectly around the shelf perimeter and
remain accessible, while tall items nestle perfectly in the center
when the glass is pushed back. And, with the Innity Slide Shelf,
you don’t lose an entire half shelf to tall item storage—just push
the glass portion back as far as you need to accommodate your
tall items—innite adjustability.
Platter Pocket
This full-width slide-out shelf tucked between the crispers and
the lowest shelf is perfect for leftover family-sized casserole
dishes, pizza boxes, and large party platters.
Small Items Bin
This bonus storage area is perfect for butter, cream cheese,
or salad/condiment packets.
LED Lighting
There is bright white LED strip lighting for maximum illumination.
LED lights do not require replacement.
Shelves with Under-Shelf Lighting (on some models)
By moving LED lighting to a new location under the shelves, this
leading-edge technology improves interior refrigerator lighting
and aids in locating storage items.
Door Alarm
A helpful alarm sounds when the refrigerator door or freezer
drawer is left ajar.
Power Outage Indicator
If the power should go out while you are away from home, this
indicator will let you know that the refrigerator has been without
Enable Wi-Fi
Touch and hold CRUSHED ICE and CUBED ICE together for
3 seconds to enable Wi-Fi.
House LED
House symbol becomes an amber color only
if the user has “opt-in” or set up the Energy
What’s New Behind the Doors?
To view videos on door removal/
replacement, door adjustment, water
filter installation, air filter installation,
shelf adjustment or removal, and
Wi-Fi connectivity, scan the code to
the left with your mobile device.