Cleveland Range CR32-FFP Convection Oven User Manual

Installation Manual
3 Cleveland Range, Inc.
Assure Sufficient Clearances
Clearances specified for the oven on the rating
label are required for the proper cooling,
ventilation, and combustion air supply. Make sure
nothing obstructs the flow of combustion and
ventilation air. Depending on the number of units
being installed, make sure there is enough
clearance between each unit, and from walls to the
sides and to the rear. Failure to provide the
necessary clearance may void the manufacturer’s
warranty. A proper air supply for combustion and
ventilation is critical to safe, efficient operation of
the oven.
Equipment Leveling
For proper operation and water pan drainage, the
equipment must be level. Use the leveling spacers
provided with the casters.
Install leveling
so that equipment is level when rolled
into its final location.
Restraining Cables
Restraining cables must be installed to limit the
movement of the appliance and protect flexible gas
lines from breakage on gas appliances with
Gas Pressure
Test the building’s gas supply pressure. It must
meet Cleveland Range’s specifications. (See
pages 5-8.) If gas pressure is too high, install a
pressure regulator (excess pressure will damage
the equipment) – if too low, notify the gas company
to raise pressure to specs.
Gas Flow
Sufficient gas flow is important to oven
performance. During peaks hours of operation gas
flow may be insufficient if pipe diameter is too
small. Feed a multiple-oven installation with a
manifold-type gas supply line sized properly for
good flow.
Gas Plumbing
Provide a shut-off valve, drip leg, and flexible
supply line for each oven. Use appropriate ¾-inch
IPS plumbing components. Follow applicable
codes. Seal all threaded joints with suitable joint
compound, resistant to the action of liquefied
petroleum gases.
Gas Leak Tests
After completing the gas plumbing, close all oven
shut-off valves and test all upstream joints under
pressure, using a soap-rich water solution. Repair
casters. Anchor the cables into wall studs and
connect them to the eyelets provided in the stand
or warming cabinet. The installation shall be made
with a connector that complies with the Standard
for Connectors for Movable Gas Appliances, ANSI
Z21.69 or Connectors for Moveable Gas
Appliances, CAN/CGA-6.16, and a quick-
disconnect device that complies with the Standard
for Quick-Disconnect Devices for Use With Gas
Fuel, ANSI Z21.41, or Quick Disconnect Devices
for Use with Gas Fuel, CAN1-6.9.
Provide a Powered Exhaust Hood
Code requires an exhaust hood. The hood must
meet dimension requirements, and must have
adequate exhaust capacity, based on the
combined BTU output of the ovens.
Never make
a direct connection to the oven exhaust vent
Fire Safety
Do not store or leave combustible materials near
the oven. Consult your local codes for fire
protection requirements
. Gas Leak Instructions
must be posted. Your gas utility can supply a sign
or the appropriate wording for a sign.
all leaks and retest. The steamer must be isolated
from the gas supply system during any pressure
testing as follows: (1) The appliance and its main
manual shut-off valve must be disconnected from
the gas supply piping system during any pressure
testing of the system at test pressures in excess of
14” water column (1/2 psi or 3.45 kPa). (2) The
appliance must be isolated from the gas supply
piping system by closing its main manual shut-off
valve during any pressure testing of the gas supply
piping system at test pressure equal to or less than
14” water column (1/2 psi or 3.45 kPA).
Electrical Supply: Oven
Each oven is equipped with a 120V/15A-power
cord, with a three-prong (grounding) plug for
protection against shock hazard. It should be
plugged directly into a properly grounded three-
prong receptacle. Do not cut off or remove the
grounding prong from the plug. (Some local codes
may require a different form of disconnect.)
Electrical Supply: Optional Warmer
The CR-334 warming cabinet can draw up to 30
amps, and must be provided with a suitable
grounded branch circuit and outlet. The power
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