CMA Dishmachines CMA-180UC Dishwasher User Manual

2.2.6. Booster Heater Setup
The booster tank must be filled with water before the heating element is energized.
For this reason the “High Limit Switch” has intentionally been activated at the factory
and will require resetting before the heating element will turn on.
Follow the procedure below to complete the initial installation:
1. Close the door on the machine.
2. Turn the Power switch to the "ON" position.
3. Hold the “FILL” switch in until water overflows into the scrap tray.
4. Turn the Power switch to the "OFF" position.
5. Connect blue wire with disconnect, identified by red tag, to the High Limit
Switch which is located behind the thermostat behind the front kick panel.
2.2.7. Installers Checklist
Dishmachine checked for concealed damage
Hot water supply is 140° F (60 C) — minimum
Incoming water supply line is ½” — minimum
Incoming water supply is 6 GPM minimum at 24 PSI
Supply circuit breaker for machine is properly sized (50 amp)
Service voltage and phase type are correct to machine data plate
If drain pump is used, drain hose rises 12 to 16” before dropping to drain
Drain hose is installed with air gap (discharge 1” above drain)
Optional detergent and rinse dispenser (if present) is properly installed
Dishmachine is properly grounded
Dishmachine is properly leveled
Machine circuit breaker is labeled “DISHWASHER”
Machine has been “hard-wired” with correctly sized wire
Booster tank has been filled with water (before High Limit Switch is reset)
High Limit Switch for heater has been reset (after Booster Tank has been filled)