CMA Dishmachines CMA-180UC Dishwasher User Manual

5. Customer Notice
CMA-180UC Installation Guidelines
Improper installation of this product may void the warranty on this machine. Please follow
these guidelines for recommended installation and to ensure the warranty of this model is
authorized by CMA Dishmachines.
Dishmachine Installation Requirements
1. Machine must be level. Adjust leveling feet to accommodate uneven floor
2. Drain height should not exceed maximum height of 16”. If there is a floor
drain, it is highly recommended the pump drain be removed. Connect
supplied drain line to 3-way valve on back of machine and gravity feed to
the floor drain.
3. PRV must be adjusted not to exceed 20 psi. Recommended pressure is
between 18-20 psi.
4. Water supply to machine must be a minimum 120°F for 3 minute cycle
models and 140°F for 2 minute cycle models.
5. A four-wire, (neutral, ground and two 110v lines) 220v single phase
connection is required. There is a six foot cord provided with the machine.
CMA recommends a minimum 50-amp dedicated circuit, but you should
consult your local building code requirements for proper breaker size.
Activating/Adjusting the Booster Heater
1. Booster heater must
be filled with water prior to connecting the blue wire
from high limit switch. The high limit switch can be found by removing the
front panel and locating the red button on the front of the heater tank.
2. Once the booster has been connected, the thermostat should be adjusted
to maintain 180°F during the final rinse cycle. The thermostat is located on
the front of the booster tank and is accessible by removing the front panel
on the machine.
Automatic Dispensing Equipment
1. Applications utilizing automated dispensers for administering warewash
chemicals must use 110v dispenser equipment. There is a 110v power
block for installing this equipment inside the control panel.