CMA Dishmachines CMA-180UC Dishwasher User Manual

Getting Started
2. Getting Started
2.1. Introduction to CMA-180UC
The CMA-180UC is a hot water sanitizing, single rack, under-counter dishmachine. It is a
standalone machine featuring a self-contained booster heater. The only external connections
necessary are power supply, water supply, drainpipe, and optional chemical dispensers. The
machine uses re-circulated wash water and fresh water final-rinse.
Operation of the CMA-180UC is extremely user friendly. To initially fill the machine each day,
push the switch marked “FILL”. The machine is full when water begins to flow into the scrap tray.
The booster tank heater will maintain the wash water temperature at 155°F. The booster heater
will produce a minimum of 180°F final rinse water each cycle.
The supply water to the CMA-180UC must be a minimum of 140°F at 24 PSI (Pounds per Square
Inch) with a 6 GPM (Gallons Per Minute) flow rate and 60 GPH (Gallons Per Hour) recovery rate.
The pipe supplying the water must be ½” minimum. The plumbing connection is located at the
back of the machine. (See specification sheet on page
The drain is a 1" barbed fitting on the back of the machine for easy attachment of your drain
The machine retains the features of the standard CMA-180 Series in that it has a scrap tray and
the manner in which the tank is filled ensures that the dishes are always rinsed with fresh water
instead of re-circulated water. The CMA-180UC is the first under-counter dishmachine of its kind
to discharge soil from the wash tank into a scrap tray outside of the wash chamber. This feature
keeps the wash water much cleaner over long periods of time. The scrap tray may be emptied on
a periodic basis without interruption of the flow of work, thereby providing a much cleaner
environment for the wash and rinse cycle. There are also enhancements that can be chosen
when required such as drain pump kits and other accessories. Refer to Section
4 “Parts ” for the
parts list and accessories available for the machine.
This manual is structured to provide a complete reference guide to the CMA-180UC. It is
presented in a manner that all users will be able to comprehend and use as an effective tool in
supporting the operation and maintenance of the dishmachine. The first section explains how the
machine is packaged and what to look for when receiving the machine.
After unpacking the machine, this manual explains how to install and set up the machine for use.
Requirements are given for plumbing, wiring, and space considerations. These attributes of the
machine are always taken into consideration by our well-trained sales representatives prior to the
order being placed. In the manual, guidance is also given for installation to ensure that the
machine will be able to run at optimum conditions.
Operation Section of the manual may be used for instruction and procedures when required.
We make this portion of the manual easy to understand so that all levels of operators may be
able to read and comprehend the operation of the machine. The function of the machine itself is
mostly automatic and takes little training to put into full operation. The
Operation Section also
includes diagnostic considerations for the machine when problems occur.
The next section of the manual is the
Parts .This section has the parts lists and wiring diagram for
the machine.
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