Creda CRC65 Ventilation Hood User Manual

First,don’t panic!
There may be nothing wrong at all. Look for
your problem below,then check the things we
suggest.More often than not,this will give you
the answer to your problem,and you’ll be able
to carry on without having to telephone your
Service Office.
It is not working!
Are you using a plug and socket?
- Check that the plug is firmly pushed in.
- Check the power supply,by plugging in
another appliance.
- Has the fuse blown?
It is not working!
Is the mains lead wired directly into a
double pole isolating switch?
- Check that the wires in the mains lead are
correctly connected.(See page 2)
The Cooker Hood is not working
- Check you have selected the correct fan
speed.(See page 9)
- Check you have left the cover over the
recirculation grille on top of the Hood
(extraction only),(See page 7).
- Check if the grease filter needs cleaning
(See page 10).
The light is not working...
- Check the bulb is screwed in securely.
- Replace the light bulb (See page11)
The Cooker Hood switches off
- Check the mounting height above the
hob is correct (See page 5).
The heat from the hob may cause the fan
motor to overheat/cut-out.
If,after following these instructions,you are
still having problems,contact your nearest
Service Centre (See back cover).
Please remember your new appliance is a
complex piece of equipment.
‘DIY’repairs or unqualified and untrained
service people may put you in danger,could
damage the appliance and might mean that
you lose cover under the Guarantee.
If you do experience a problem with the
appliance,don’t take any risks,call in a Service
Engineer (See back cover).
Our Parts are designed exclusively to fit only
GDA Ltd appliances. Do not use them for any
other purpose as you may create a safety