Creda CRC65 Ventilation Hood User Manual

Installing your Cooker Hood
The chimney hood is supplied specified for
installation in the extraction mode. To convert
to recirculation it will be necessary to obtain
the optional pack of two carbon filters.
In the recirculation mode,contaminated air
enters the chimney hood and passes through
the grease filters and carbon filters and then
out into the kitchen through two grilles,at
either side of the lower chimney.
To convert the chimney hood to recirculation
proceed as follows:
1. To fit the carbon filters,open the metal
grease filters. Place one filter over the inlet
grille at either end of the fan housing and
twist into position (Fig.2).
2. Fit the recirculation spigot over the round
outlet on top of the canopy,whilst
pressing down on the spigot (Fig.3).
NOTE: The two venting grilles must not be
fitted into the chimney stack until the
chimney stack has been installed onto the
wall above the canopy.
Ducting Fitting:
The chimney hood can be ducted to the out-
side,using either rigid or flexible ducting of
100mm,120mm or 150mm. the choice of
ducting is left to the discretion of the installer,
however,the best performance will be
obtained by using 150mm of rigid ducting.
Where flexible ducting is fitted it should not
be turned through very tight bends as this
could impair the performance of the hood.
The ducting must be manufactured from fire
retardant material conforming to the relevant
British Standard or DIN 4102-B1.
Where the 125mm ducting is used,it will be
necessary to install the reduction flange and
125 ÷ 125mm ducting collar over the air out-
let in the top of the canopy (Fig.4).
The installer should provide suitable ducting
and sealing tape for the installation.
The (optional) carbon filter is not required
when the hood is installed in the ducting